Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's been a pretty rainy day, I got home from work and the hand rail down the stairs is in and has been primed. Very neat job.

Paul was talking about putting a hardwood top along the railing, I think it'll make a big difference. It's looking a bit 'functional' right now.

There's the stepped up path being laid out behind the back wall. The first dry stone wall (with a tidgey bit of mortar) is coming together nicely too.

There's the string marking the centre line of the path. Lots of lovely chunky stone has been brought in too.

Reverse angle view.

The gap between next door's toilet roof and the yard roof has been sealed with lead flashing, so we don't get any drips.

A rare glimpse of sun! And then it started chucking down again. Lets take a minute to sit under the perspex and enjoy the rain hammering down...

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