Sunday, July 15, 2012



We've just returned from a week in Wales. Unfortunately it was pretty drizzly all week but we did get down to the beach every day when there was a couple of hours of sunshine. Paul and Tom did a couple of days finishing off the wall and the paths while we were away, and a very nice job they did too. Check out that curve!

There's the bottom path, even filled the gap with yellow gravel. Nice touch!

And now we have a nice path up to the top garden. I think i'd like the walls to be a little bit higher, so they reach a higher level than the path. Maybe another course of stone or some coping will do the trick.

Unfortunately, down below - Houston we have a problem. The rain seems to be running off the top flagged path, pouring through the gravel and down between the concrete back-fill and the facing stones, then squirting out of whatever holes it finds. I think we're going to have to seal the top somehow and find somewhere else for the water to go.

Coming out under the BBQ.

Creeping through the blocks under the counter too.

Even managing to get past the defences of the lead flashing. Think we're going to have to have a bit of a re-think about rainproofing. Ah, the great British Summer.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another grotty day, they've cracked on well with the walling though, despite the rain.

First wall's now done and the path behind the rail's being filled up nicely with hard core (more hexagonal flags that turned up)

Wall 3 has turned up. Not exactly where I wanted it, but it probably makes more sense to have it there.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's been a pretty rainy day, I got home from work and the hand rail down the stairs is in and has been primed. Very neat job.

Paul was talking about putting a hardwood top along the railing, I think it'll make a big difference. It's looking a bit 'functional' right now.

There's the stepped up path being laid out behind the back wall. The first dry stone wall (with a tidgey bit of mortar) is coming together nicely too.

There's the string marking the centre line of the path. Lots of lovely chunky stone has been brought in too.

Reverse angle view.

The gap between next door's toilet roof and the yard roof has been sealed with lead flashing, so we don't get any drips.

A rare glimpse of sun! And then it started chucking down again. Lets take a minute to sit under the perspex and enjoy the rain hammering down...

Monday, July 2, 2012


Couldn't resist putting the BBQ in place over the weekend, looks amazing. Really looking forward to giving it the first test drive.

That's the remaining flags cemented in, what's all that steel bar for though...?

Ta-dah! Safety rail.

Now the back yard's nearly there, i've asked Paul to help out with some terracing in the garden. I've always felt a bit overwhelmed at the size of the garden when it comes to weeding and stuff, so i'm going to try to split it into separate beds, also make the path a bit easier to climb.

Just playing around with some stones to get the general layout right, think we're going to have a flagged path running along the top of the wall and then just run in a straight line up to the foot of the wooden steps. Roughed out where I want the terraces to go with some big stones - funnily enough it's all the leftovers from our wall, the really tricky shaped ones that I never managed to use.