Sunday, August 24, 2008

August's Walling Weekend

We went to Wales last weekend and we are away in Czech for the next 2 weekends so we need to get moving this weekend

Weather was pretty good this weekend, only rained a few times

The ol' tumblin toms weren't too happy when they moved to their new home outdoors. 2 tommys out of 5 plants - maybe there will be room for a greenhouse when we move all this stone.

My lupins got totally munched by aphids last year and didn't flower at all. This summer i've been doing weekly mass executions with soapy water and they seem to be doing alright.

Looking alright there

Nearly all the way round...

The bus marks the eventual height of the wall - 18 inches to go

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ground Zero

This silly spider keeps spinning its web across our back door, he decided to do it across the back steps today. Sorry fella.

Becky came down to lend a hand today. Good to see her and Nick using up some of the awkward shaped big stones that I had been putting off using.

Rapid progress today - a whole course on the front and nearly made it all the way round the side too.

I think we're up to ground level now, I keep telling myself that this is 'the half way mark'

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mums and Dads

This morning I had some exciting unexpected guests, Jim and Katy with brand new addition to the gang - little Johnny. Jade and Xian came too with little Seth who is due in 3 months - WOOOO!

Father and son sharing a moment. 15 seconds of Lambada with dad will settle him down no problem.

As Jim and Katy went to get some chips for Johnny and Zoe & Jade went shopping for towels it was left to me and Xian to do the walling for today.

We put some throughstones into the inner bank at this level which is going to keep the wall from being pushed outwards (hopefully). I think they maybe should have been a bit longer but you can only use what you've got.

Well we managed to get to the end and picked a couple of runners for the wall end on tomorrow's course. Now it's BBQ time at Stu & Sals. Hopefully I won't be too late in bed tonight.