Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 2 of 2010

Okay, that's the front done then = Nick is shredding.


My side is not quite so straight because I decided to do the good thing and try to use up all the big lumpy bits. I should be able to finish it off with another thin course to get it all level and then we're done! Still not sure what to do about the coping though. There are still all those massive bits that we could dress into some sort of half-round shape but it seems like it'll waste a lot of stone, and we've not got enough to go all the way round either.

The weather had been really hot all day which means one thing. BBQ. I think we were watching this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oops missed a year

Well, that's a year missed out since there was any work on MegaGarden, lets get the gardening fleeces on and get the hammers out. The pile of stone in the front is pretty much all we have left to use up. The red stone in the back is from the fireplace and next to it are some unused mushroom logs, but more about them later...

Tighten up the guidelines, I think we're just going to work up to here and then get the coping on. The front face only needs one course but the side is a bit wonky and will need 2-3 courses to get up to height. Not sure how we got so far out of wack but at least the end is nigh.

Nick whips through with some super-fast precision walling as usual. I was shocked at how much progress we made, could have been something to do with not stopping for a 3-hour full English break like we used to.

On Saturday I had a bit of a play with my Christmas present from Nick. He'd got me a few bags of mycelleum impregnated wooden dowels, that i've had in the fridge since December. The second part of the present was a boot-full of freshly-cut birch logs which got the chop on Wednesday. Working for Trafford council has its perks, when you can pick the trees to be removed that aren't quite right for that park (and need a new home all full o' mushies). I had to drill about 30 holes in each log, knock the dowels in, and then seal them all with sizzlin' mushroom wax.

I've got Oyster, Shiitake and Lion's Mane logs all plugged up and waxed - next thing to do is cover them in black bin bags and either bury them or leave them in the shade (behind my dad's shed). All you have to do then is wait 18 months for the fungus to spread throughout the log, then you leave it out for another year and hopefully the critters will sprout. This is not a hobby for the impatient.

I couldn't help feeling that it looked a bit dodgy to be loading up a red Golf with limb-sized, bin-bag covered packages. Hopefully my mum won't get stopped by Operation Ringmaster on the way home.