Sunday, July 10, 2011

Testing out the swing chair

Yesterday I built the world's wonkiest and hardest to join swing chair (bloody eBay) and went to bed with throbbing fingers, a bit of sun and a boingy 8 month old makes all the difference though. Time to put the canopy on and test the swing out properly.

There's the canopy on, very posh.

Grass is growing nicely too.

Dad + Lad


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swinging Birthday

It's been pretty quiet on the blogging / gardening front in the last 8 months since we were joined by the Kodeman, who keeps us both pretty busy, but I decided to treat myself to a swing chair off eBay for my birthday.

Pretty hot day, there's all the bits, this should be an easy couple of hours fun right?

It's going over there on the brick patio thing Nick made.

Some leftover bits, possibly going to get used to make mini brick BBQ at some point in the far off future.

Well there's one bit made.

Every instruction seems to be contained in 'Step 1' on these instructions.

Lean it against the wall so I feel like i'm getting somewhere. None of these holes seem to be lining up with each other.

Mum and Koder

Two sides screwed together, very sore hands, felt like drilling my own holes.

Ta-dah! Just need to get the canopy on now.

This ain't true, take it back to Wickes and get a straight one.


View from the seat after about 7 hours of hand-pain. Think Kodie had gone to bed and i'd missed tea.

All worth it though. I'll put the cover on tomorrowszzzz...