Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shroomage Phase 2

Dedicated fans of the blog will surely have been asking for the last few months, what happened to those mycelleum infested logs that were last seen speeding off in the back of a Golf in April 2010? Well they've been brewing away in black bin bags behind my dad's shed for 2 years. It was a damp, dank day today and it was feeling mushroomy so I decided to unleash them on the back garden.

Remove all the debris to reveal the logs in their grisly glory. Something about duct tape and bin bags prepares your mind for a horrifying discovery.

Time to see if there's a wristwatch or tattoos under the black plastic.

Just some stinky looking logs, looks like some fungal activity on the surface here and there, maybe it's working okay!

The log-ends look suitably decrepid.

They're supposed to go somewhere out of the wind and fairly sheltered from the sun so i'm going to stick them under this azalea in the corner of my mum and dad's garden.

One end is supposed to be raised off the ground for some reason, so I plonked them around like this. Only 12 months to go until we may see some mushroom activity now, I can hardly wait!

Friday, April 20, 2012

BBQ Jammin'

Things are moving and shaking for Megayard finally! Paul the builder was round last night and I showed him my ring binder of BBQ designs and 3D renderings. At least he didn't run a mile, but he politely declined taking the binder home with him, just a piece of paper with width and length written on it.

Picked up this classic 70s tome from Chelford last weekend, included guides to giant outdoor pools but it's the all-important 'outdoor dining' section i'm interested in.

This party is in full swing, I can only imagine such scenes this summer when it's all finished. Who will we get to play fingerpicked ragas on acoustic guitar while the rest of the gang tuck into the delicious hot food?

Mmmm, like a scene from Henry VIIIs kitchens.

More hippy dining scenes and the all important brick-built BBQ blueprints. They suggest fabricating your own bottom plate from 3mm mild steel, but I think I might just buy a kit from Tescos.