Saturday, November 1, 2008

The end of MegaGarden 08?

Looks like this could be the last weekend of work before winter sets in, we're nearly there and the house needs a lot of work inside to get it cozy in time for Christmas. We're down to the last few stones including a lot of awkward ones that need using up, so this last bit is looking a bit of a mess.

I couldn't find any decent through stones for my wall end - this floppy one was okay but not great. I'm still not too sure what i'm going to do between this wall end and the back wall (using next door's shed as an inbetween). I think i'm going to make some sort of lean-to / woodpile to store the fuel for my next project - INGLENOOK

Swapped the through but i'm still not 100% happy with it (or even 50% happy). Nick is doing an amazing job at the front end though.

And that's all we've got left - probably less than half a ton out of the original 6 tons. That precarious tower of concrete and brick is earmarked to be used for my troglodyte outdoor pizza oven which will be an integral part of the goings-on up here next summer.