Monday, July 2, 2012


Couldn't resist putting the BBQ in place over the weekend, looks amazing. Really looking forward to giving it the first test drive.

That's the remaining flags cemented in, what's all that steel bar for though...?

Ta-dah! Safety rail.

Now the back yard's nearly there, i've asked Paul to help out with some terracing in the garden. I've always felt a bit overwhelmed at the size of the garden when it comes to weeding and stuff, so i'm going to try to split it into separate beds, also make the path a bit easier to climb.

Just playing around with some stones to get the general layout right, think we're going to have a flagged path running along the top of the wall and then just run in a straight line up to the foot of the wooden steps. Roughed out where I want the terraces to go with some big stones - funnily enough it's all the leftovers from our wall, the really tricky shaped ones that I never managed to use.

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