Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Put my foot in it a bit this morning, i'd assumed that the two planks screwed together against next door's  wall was just some temporary measure and I asked where the 'real' upright was going to go. Turns out that actually was the 'real' upright, but I thought a matching solid wood beam would look better positioned where the original stone upright went. Paul reckons there's a manhole underneath that concrete so when I got back from work it was nice to see they'd picked up another nice piece of wood and filled in the original floor with concrete again.

Cross beams on and half a can of woodstain too.

Foundations for the back storage unit thingybob.

There was half a tin of woodstain when I got home from work so I thought i'd show willing and get the top painted before the perspex sheets go on.

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