Friday, June 15, 2012


Whoo, what a sight! Feels like we're nearly there now. Not sure where the other post is going to go. Had a bit of a re-think about the original design where the 3 wheelie bins would go along the left hand wall, as the wall has moved inwards and the steps are wider than I had planned, i'm really worried that if we put the bins in, it's going to feel a bit cramped inside. I've not really thought through a plan B though, maybe they can go back where they've always been down the alley against the houses but i'm a bit disappointed. I'm not sure how we're going to sort out a gate to keep Kodie in either... Maybe it'll be a bit easier to figure out when we have all the building stuff out of the way and I can have a play around.

Coming together!

Looks really big from up here, Kodie's gonna go mad when it's finished and he can play outside.

The stones from dismantling the original wall seem to have lasted out well, just a few left. Going to see if I can use them to terrace the garden a bit when we've got the yard finished.

Think my lovely lupins might not have survived having several tons of stone on top of them, but wonder whether my precious grown-from-a-seed spruce tree is okay.


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